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The obstacle is the way
When Samantha started Scotch Bonnet she wanted to create an agency that stood hand in hand with clients to build brands and results driven marketing campaigns. With limited financial resources and her network from 10 years in the advertising industry she decided to go out on her own. Heartbreakingly, when she pursued her early dream of a virtual agency none of her prospective clients were interested. Instead Samantha was head hunted by a Pan-American Telecommunications Company while she cut her teeth with her virtual team on small independent. 

This “build the plane while you fly” concept was one of the greatest gifts life gave her, there were no handouts. So with her team, she took off running: growing as a leader and business coach and got around the right people. Year on year she learned from the failures of the year before, until she started thinking differently. That’s when she discovered the formula behind all of the successful campaigns she’d worked on internationally. With this brilliant marketing discovery, she learned and crafted a winning approach to marketing and getting results for new and existing businesses. She keeps learning that as an entrepreneur, if you work through the process, money is on the other side.

The Team

Canute “Neil” Ellis 

Audio & ADR Expert 
Whether it is a radio commercial, some impactful music or an audio signature that needs to created, Neil’s the guy to call. He hears sound in color and has been known to draw what he hears (it’s kind of weird art and won't make it to any galleries any time soon). Grammy-nominated, Award-winning Engineer, Technical Director, and Live Events Manager, you’ll find Canute working behind the scenes to make sure that things sound and look great. And if you’re ever at an Alternative Rock show, a Reggae event or chilling with a Jazz ensemble you’ll probably find this fun-loving Jamaican who lives in the US, bobbing his head with wide-eyed wonder. And how could we forget? He’s also “The Podcast Ninja” - give him your recording and he’ll make it sound like butter!


Visual Expert
 Monique is like the Sherlock Holmes of visual communication, she knows just how to find the clues and create a solution that makes images and words dance in synchronicity. She's a graphic designer at heart who listens to the call of her sketch pad and drums to the beat of the creations she draws there. With over 10 years of experience in Visual Communication and Advertising, she's no stranger to deadlines but that also means she knows how to bend time to create the best solutions possible. For Monique it's about the challenge that ambitious clients bring, she knows just how to bring the vision to life and itches to do it at every chance she gets. This creative connoisseur enjoys the quieter side of her Trinidad homeland. And wherever art and design meet a corner of life, you'll be sure to find Monique, in observation pondering how to take the lessons and apply them to her next project.

Dexter Musgrave

Creative Expert 
Dexter and his team help grow the brands they work with through the use of prolific copywriting that he twins that with unforgettable images. This natural synergy creates strategic and innovative creative strategies, that harness the power of social media and funnel creation. Dexter is passionate about helping brands operating in Caribbean territories be seen, heard, felt and loved. Author, playwright, mentor, Dexter is all about making a meaningful impact and helping people discover their best creative selves. If this Trini is missing in action he may be on stage acting one of his many character roles from one of his plays!

Lisa-Marie Brown

Accounting & Project Manager 
If Lisa-Marie were in a circus she’d be a “Juggler Extraordinaire” juggling balls, knives, cars and bananas (it sounds weird but you get the picture…), yup she’s one of the most versatile people you’ll ever meet. Perhaps it's the decade-plus of experience in the shipping and logistics industry she has or her almost 5 years of creative and branding consultancy experience or just the yoga she loves to do but there’s something that makes her flexible and stable all at the same time. She’s “Trini to di bone” and we love Lisa-Marie cause her mantra “do right live good” is exactly what we’re about. But don’t be fooled, she can talk and talk and talk and talk but there is a method to her madness and it makes the client projects run like a well-oiled machine. 

Abeena Gomes

Solutions Manager & Funnel Builder 
Samantha’s Right Hand Woman, Support Manager, Event Coordinator and Rule Bending Enthusiast. She first joined the team as part of the first innovation conference of its kind that attracted over 7,000 people in Guyana and she’s been hooked on marketing ever since. She loves working on projects that challenge her to find solutions. She’s a fashionista and has aspirations of becoming Ms. World Guyana (she’s got the brains and braun to do it too!) and she loves spending time with her family on road trips. Abeena handles the cool aspects of social media (yup she loves to multi-task)! And if you’re ever at the University of Guyana looking for a computer science geek, you’ll find her somewhere in the lab.

Clordene Lloyd

Concierge Director
 When we need a little honey in our day we reach for Clordene. Partly because of her golden voice but mostly because she loves transformation (she’ a Transformation Coach too). She knows just how to transform a situation with the power of her tone of voice and her words. And that unfolds with clients and projects alike, and that’s why she’s the first person you talk when you join the team. Like a good pot of tea, she’ll brew over the core results you want to achieve and translate that so we start your project right. Plus this Content Marketing and Social Media Growth Specialist designs and implements high-level content marketing strategies for Trailblazers, Innovators and Game Changers. She makes sure that we capture the best of every client, her goal is to help you grow and gain massive exposure through brand deals and sponsorships. In her spare time she’s a radio talk show host and Solution Designer for a myriad of projects.

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